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About Fermata

A Fermata is a musical symbol for a pause, or hold, in time. Illness and injury often force a pause in life, interrupting one’s ability to perform daily activities of living. Fermata provides a space for rehabilitation and healing, in order to return to one’s optimal level of functional independence.

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Gabrielle Miskovitz

Gabrielle Miskovitz

PAMA Certified

Gabrielle is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), specializing in Upper Extremity Injuries and Performing Arts Medicine. Since graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s of Science Degree in 2004, Gabrielle has practiced as an Occupational Therapist within institutions including Roosevelt Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Kessler Rehabilitation Centers. She has gained extensive knowledge and clinical skill through working with individuals presenting with a wide variety of orthopedic, neurologic and oncologic diagnoses. As a clinician, Gabrielle uses a combination of skilled manual techniques, neuromuscular reeducation, ergonomic and activity analysis, and targeted strengthening, in addition to continuous education, empowering clients in their own rehabilitation process.

An additional area of expertise is in Performing Arts Medicine. From earning her Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from Boston University in 2001 to a Master's Certificate in Performing Arts Medicine from Shenandoah University in 2017, the performing arts have always been an area of passion. She continues to play and teach violin, allowing a personal understanding of the task demands that are unique to performing artists.

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A Space For

Each person comes to Occupational Therapy with an individual story of injury or illness, impact on their ability to participate in daily life and activities, and journey to recovery and improved physical function; Gabrielle considers it a privilege to play a role in each story. She sincerely loves what she does, and is passionate about being a facilitator of healing, bringing exceptional clinical skill, focus and intention to each and every treatment session.

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